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Kurt Baggaley – Winterland EP {CH012}


1. Winterland
2. Winterland {Patlac Edition}
3. Winterland {Petar Dundov Edition}

As the waning of the final winter moon came to an end, Chapter 24 entered the world of wax with its first 12-inch release. For this next story in sound, we welcome back Kurt Baggaley, whose wonderful ‘Winterland’ also receives the attentions of Patlac and Petar Dundov with two immaculate Editions.

An artist who lives and breathes electronic music culture, Kurt Baggaley has evolved his productions into a unique and personal sound since his early days as the Electro artist Scape One. Taking in influences from early 80’s Chicago House, Detroit Techno and New York Club, with a fusion of Italo Disco, Euro Synth and Electro, his huge Former Self EP on SoHaSo in Spring 2015 was met with widespread acclaim on both digital and physical formats. Supported by the likes of Michael Mayer and Dixon, it was followed up with his debut release on Chapter 24 a few months later, opening the book with his Spiral EP.

Winterland continues this momentum. The title track blows in a cold, enveloping wind of analogue synths and drum machines, swirling around a central arpeggio. Disco, minimal and electro influences are clearly to be heard in what amounts to a unique and compelling piece of electronic music.

Patlac takes the reins for the first Edition. With original releases on liebe*detail and Soulfooled and remixes for Pets Recordings, Noir and Musik Gewinnt Freunde, his music possesses an empathy for time, people and place. Retaining some of the disco influence of the original, this sensitive and thoughtful approach results in an energetic Edition driven by pushing rhythms and deep, powerful grooves, but also with a refined sense of harmony and melody.

The final Edition on the package is a fitting one, from Croatian maestro Petar Dundov, who occupies the flip side. Dundov makes intelligent electronic music that breaks boundaries. His breathtaking take on the original embodies this ethos, hitting home with body twisting beats while also challenging the mind with complex melodies and slow-burning, hypnotic progressions. In his masterful hands, the track takes on life of its own, forever evolving and expanding and increasing in intensity.

With the Winterland EP, Chapter 24 turns the page on its first volume of releases, closing the Aesop’s Fables artwork series with a stunning linocut portrayal of ‘The Wolf and the Crane’ from in-house artist Simon Vaeth. The lessons from Aesop will make way for those of the Tarot, as the Book of Changes continues to shine a light on the wintry path ahead.

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Miss Melera – Magenta EP {CH011}


1. Magenta
2. Magenta {Dave Seaman Edition}
3. Mint
4. Mint {Jonas Saalbach Edition}

Miss Melera is back in action on the influential Chapter 24, with a brand new and brilliant EP that features two great originals as well as Editions from Dave Seaman and Jonas Saalbach.

Miss Melera hails from Amsterdam and has been honing her craft over the last decade. She is a radio regular as well as a touring DJ who plays the finest clubs and festivals around Europe and the Americas. As well as this, she has proven her studio chops are slick and compelling and has released EPs on labels like Parquet and Einmusika before now.

Her first cut here is Magenta, a robust house roller with grumbling bass, dark atmospheres and icy hi hats rolling on top of the groove. It’s a broody back room track with lush synths that subtly uplift the whole affair and keep you locked.

Dave Seaman is one of the original pioneers of house music who has been smashing it recently with cuts on his own Selador, as well as Hive Audio, Suara and many other influential labels. His Edition of Magenta is much more wild and freewheeling, with edgy synths rising up and up above turbulent drums and apocalyptic chords.

Miss Melera’s next original is Mint, a deep and bubbly house cut with phased bass and scale riding pads that are spooky and eerie and suck you deep into a late night groove. Classy and well designed, it is another fine bit of work.

Jonas Saalbach is a young star who is making his second appearance on the label. He has recently put out an excellent full length on Einmusika and a fine EP on John Digweed’s Bedrock. Here, he comes good once more. His Edition of Mint is spine-tingling and awash with gorgeously smooth pads and spangled synths. Soothing and calming yet driven, it closes out an essential EP.

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Several Definitions – Lost Valeys EP {CH010}


1. Cronos
2. Lost Valleys
3. Atlas
4. Recover

For our tenth tale, we welcome Lausanne-based rising star Jeremy Vieira, aka Several Definitions. Showcasing the skills that have seen him signed to the likes of Diynamic, Suara, Knee Deep In Sound and Stil Vor Talent, Jeremy brings four cuts of the highest quality for his debut Chapter 24 release.

The Lost Valleys EP sums up the Several Definitions project perfectly. Spanning a spectrum of emotion: loss, love, and joy, somewhere between house and techno, each track combines warm atmospheres with rich, captivating melodies and is carried home by deep, rolling beats.

The EP opens with Cronos, a moody, dancefloor roller which builds into a cinematic climax.

The title track Lost Valleys is next, and ups the ante further. Undulating melody lines ebb and flow, becoming ever more intense. A weapon for peak times.

Atlas brings the same ambition and scope. Built around more stunning synth work, this evocative piece manages to be driving, heads down, percussive and cosmic all at the same time.

Finally, the sting in the tail: Recover. Demonstrating his mastery of arpeggios, Vieira brings the EP home with a surefire hit.

Several Definitions, perhaps; but each and every one of them to be savoured. The story continues on Chapter 24!

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David Durango – Lumina EP {CH009}


1. Lumina
2. Basiq Talking
3. Basiq Talking {Masaya’s Esperanza Edition}
4. Demencia
5. Demencia {Christopher Ivor Edition}

The ninth chapter. With the Lumina EP, David Durango showcases his ability to deliver masterful and unique sonic creations precision crafted for the dancefloor.

With a passion and dedication to electronic music that began in the early nineties, David Durango’s career has flourished year by year with a catalogue of releases on the likes of Poker Flat, Soulfooled and now Chapter 24. He welcomes Swiss/Chilean Producer, DJ and Mina Records boss Masaya and up-and-coming artist Christopher Ivor on the remix to round off a stunning EP.

Title track Lumina is a huge angular cut, a slinky rolling groove interspersed by acid licks giving way to a killer, hypnotic arpeggio on a bed of dreamy voices.

David follows up with Basiq Talking, a wonky soulful affair which is no less hypnotic. Complex, layered and drifting, this one will have you hooked.

Masaya takes things forward with her Esperanza Edition, placing the emphasis on Basiq Talking’s soft, sensual vocal and turning in a groovy, minimal and futuristic remix.

The final original piece on the EP is Demencia, an insanely hooky techno number that ratchets things up with layer upon layer of tension.

The EP closes with Christopher Ivor’s Edition of Demencia, in which the Einmusika artist recasts the track in house form, replete with percussive, funky loops and an epic, emotional breakdown.

Chapter 24 continues its upward path with an EP full of artistry and in which David Durango’s skill, experience and passion shines. The story continues.

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Kurt Baggaley – Spiral EP {CH008}


1. Spiral {Original Mix}
2. Spiral {THe WHite SHadow Edition}
3. Spiral {Staircase Mix}
4. Spiral {Nhar Edition}

Chapter 8. History never repeats itself: for progress and thought moves not in circles, but in spirals.

For its latest instalment, fast-rising imprint Chapter 24 welcomes Kurt Baggaley to the helm for two mesmerising pieces of electronica-infused techno, supplemented by powerful Editions from THe WHite SHadow (FR) and Nhar.

An artist who lives and breathes electronic music culture, Kurt Baggaley has evolved his productions into a unique and personal sound since his early days as the Electro artist Scape One. Taking in influences from early 80’s Chicago House, Detroit Techno and New York Club, with a fusion of Italo Disco, Euro Synth and Electro, his huge Former Self EP on SoHaSo in Spring 2015 was met with widespread acclaim. Supported by the likes of Michael Mayer, Dixon and Petar Dundov, it was followed up with an album on Abstract Theory a few months later.

With the Spiral EP, Kurt brings more of his mesmerising and arpeggio-laden electronica to the table. Spiral {Original Mix} relentlessly interweaves layers of analogue synths and drum machines into a unique and compelling whole. Meanwhile, Spiral {Staircase Mix} is dancefloor ready, losing none of the hypnotic edge of the original whilst being deeper, darker and techno-tinged. The spiral winds its course.

THe WHite SHadow (FR) (aka Anthony Godwin) is next up. He delivers a typically intricate and electrifying Edition that sees him capitalise on the success of his Goodbye EP for Chapter 24, leaving us tingling for more.

Finally, the label welcomes Nhar. An electronic music staple with Kompakt, he has released as far and wide as Mobilee, Correspondant and Boxer Recordings. Adding his own French vocals, he deploys his talents to take things into low slung, menacing and sexy territory.

Emanating from a central point, continuously increasing and receding. Hypnotic and never ending…let’s ride this spiral to the end!

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Sam Pauli & Reiver – Aspice EP {CH007}


1. Aspice
2. Aspice {Olivier Weiter Edition}
3. Aspice {KatrinKa Edition}
4. Aspice {Paul Nolan’s Look to the Universe Edition}

For this latest story in sound, Sam Pauli and long time collaborator Reiver draw on a blend of holy and unholy influences to bring us a new and heady mix.

Taking inspiration from a 16th Century a cappella choral piece, Aspice is a perfect summer track. Carried by choirs, a dreamy pad and an entrancing house groove we find ourselves transported: looking to the heavens, taking flight across azure skies. Uplifted, we skirt the edges of the divine…

Next up, Olivier Weiter (Armada/Sudbeat/Parquet) offers up his own take on things. For his first release on Chapter 24, Weiter maintains the original’s vocal sample while adding new hooks and interweaving complex and compelling textures into a tense and uplifting piece.

Where the original Aspice takes us to the sky, KatrinKa’s Edition is far more grounded, even subterranean. A heads down powerful groove takes hold in a track perfect for the dancefloor. Following a killer drop at the end of the main break, we find ourselves in the seventh circle of the inferno…and it’s never felt so good!

Finally, Chapter 24 co-founder Paul Nolan picks things up for his Look To The Universe Edition. With a relentless and entrancing groove allied to rolling bass guitar licks, the track unfolds into something of an epic, never once dragging despite its thirteen minutes. Cosmic and melancholic, this truly is music to make you feel connected with the universe.

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TWS - Goodbye EP

THe WHite SHadow – Goodbye EP {CH006}


1. Station
2. Come On
3. Goodbye

He WHite SHadow (aka Anthony Godwin) authors the next chapter in our captivating story. Born with a techno soul, this fast-rising artist blends melodic beats with an incredible variety of influences which have seen him rapidly signed to Crossfrontier Audio, Tenampa, Chilli Mint Digital and Einmusika. The Goodbye EP on Chapter 24 is perhaps his finest work to date.

First up comes Station. A straight up banger of the purest kind, it pulses forward relentlessy as an arpeggio weaves around a chunky, repeating bassline. Blippy, twisted melodies are introduced and it’s game, set and match…a surefire winner.

Next on the EP is Come On, another banger…this time taking us on a melodic voyage. Combining old school hip hop, electro and futuristic references into a unique and cohesive whole, this piece builds hypnotically around another arpeggiated synth. Once in the break, an evil jazz-influenced melody unfurls and the sub takes hold, taking us home.

Finally we finish on a peak, with the eponymous Goodbye. Dark, menacing, deliciously dramatic and technically accomplished – a fitting end to an impressive and forward thinking EP. The story moves on apace.

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Danny Oliveira – Stargazer EP {CH005}


1. A Thought in Mind (Intro)
2. Rekonektion
3. Saikin Do
4. Stargazer

With the Stargazer EP by Danny Oliveira, Chapter 24 Records continues on its upward trajectory and offers an EP of stellar original tracks from an exciting up-and-coming producer.

Better known for his work as DNYO and following a glimpse of his production skills on remix duties last time out on Chapter 24 for KatrinKa’s Echo Gnomic EP, Danny Oliveira marks a very exciting start to a new project in the house and techno scene.

A Thought In Mind sets the tone, rooting the EP in a cosmic vibe by building a layered ambient soundscape, unearthly voices mingling with synths rising to a crescendo, undulating between harmony and discord in a perfect set starter.

Oliveira immediately follows this up with a bolt from the blue: the startling and huge Rekonektion. A descending arpeggio relentlessly drives home, building and re-forming, rising and falling in a track precision engineered to destroy dance floors.

Things take a turn towards techno with Saikin Do, a chugging groove overlaid with a catchy, spacey synth hook combining to create a quality, hypnotic piece.

Finally, the EP closes with the eponymous Stargazer. All at once channelling and inspired by the cinematic brilliance of Hans Zimmer, the track builds from a techno groove into a climax of wondrous, ethereal cosmic pads.

A bright future beckons for Danny Oliveira as he builds his new project for Chapter 24.

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Katrinka – Echo Gnomic EP {CH004}


1. Echo Gnomic
2. Echo Gnomic {Danny Oliveira Edition}
3. Echo Gnomic {Just Her Edition}
4. KatrinKa feat. Billie Fountain – Beauty

For its fourth release, Chapter 24 Records offers up an EP from up-and-coming Russian-born, London-based producer KatrinKa. With previous releases to her name on Steyoyoke, Spirit Soul Records and Chapter 24 itself, she is building up a reputation for emotive, enticing and melodic grooves. This package delivers on all fronts. KatrinKa’s originals are accompanied by debut editions from Brazilian producer Danny Oliveira and Just Her – one half of unstoppable duo Him_Self_Her – marking an exciting start to her solo project.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Echo Gnomic’, a wonderful cut of electronica through which KatrinKa purveys a deep and delicious blend of wandering arpeggios, synth lines and chugging percussion.

Next up is Danny Oliveira’s edition of ‘Echo Gnomic’, which retains the dreaminess and emotion of the original. Beautiful and melancholic synth lines are matched all at once by underlying tension, unease and a brooding sense of euphoria, finally yielding to a relentless and pulsating techno groove that would sound at home on labels like Life and Death. With a number of future releases slated on Chapter 24, we are excited to see what the future brings for this artist.

The second edition of ‘Echo Gnomic’ comes from Just Her, who eschews dreaminess in favour of a banging tech house cut. Unease and drama are amplified as the track builds to a crescendo of driving stabs for what is sure to be a dancefloor winner.

Last on the EP is a collaboration between KatrinKa and vocalist Billie Fountain, which brings yet another flavour to an excellent EP. A seductive and entrancing groove entwines itself with a bewitching vocal, to which you cannot help but move your body. This brilliant track rounds off a multi-faceted and high quality release for the new label, which is going from strength to strength.

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Sam Pauli – Implications EP {CH003}


1. Implications
2. Implications {Jonas Saalbach Edition}
3. Sam Pauli & Paul Nolan – Start Over
4. Sam Pauli & Paul Nolan – Start Over {Rashid Ajami Edition}

For its third release, exciting new imprint Chapter 24 sees label boss Sam Pauli deliver the Implications EP. The title track comes backed by a collaboration with Paul Nolan and remixes from two of the rising stars of the deeper, more emotive and melodic end of the underground house and techno scene, producers Jonas Saalbach and Rashid Ajami.

London based artist Sam Pauli is a founder of Chapter 24 Records, launched in December 2014. Although only a few months old, the label has already seen support from many of the World’s finest DJ’s. Here Sam pushes on with some fresh material for his imprint, working alongside another of the label’s founder members Paul Nolan on one of the cuts – a man hard at work behind the scenes producing and mentoring with the likes of Richie Hawtin, Thievery Corporation and Cassius.

Opening the EP is title track Implications, which sees Sam Pauli provide a solo offering of gritty, melodious and bass heavy electronica. Across its seven and a half minutes Pauli entwines weighty rhythms, growling bass tones and meandering dreamy atmospherics to create a unique and charming opening piece.

Next, Jonas Saalbach offers up his own take on Implications, with the German producer laying the focus on elongated bass drones, sparse rhythms and whirring electronics to create a smooth and hypnotic interpretation. This big, melodic and euphoric track is a perfect representation of the German’s heavily musical style that has featured on labels like Parquet, Einmusika and Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s Musik Gewinnt Freunde.

On the flip side Pauli teams up with Paul Nolan on Start Over taking things a little darker with chugging bass licks, wandering arpeggios and a hazy ethereal feel that permeates an entrancing and emotive composition.

Rashid Ajami then rounds things off with his own, very big version of Start Over. The Anjunadeep/Get Physical artist provides a more stripped back take on the track, laying the focus on sparse percussion and a weighty, subtly unfolding and compelling groove.

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Quartz – Crystals EP {CH002}


1. Cosmos
2. Crystals
3. Chronos

For our second chapter, we are proud to introduce a new act to the underground house and techno scene.

QUARTZ are two talented up-and-coming British producers, Paul Nolan and Andy Woods, united by a vision for finding the future and connecting people through a love of powerful, dramatic soundscapes and emotional house music.

And sure enough, their first release – the Crystals EP – achieves this and more.

A paean to the universe, the EP brings a fresh, new sound while being rooted in the spirituality and intent of the early days of house music.

As with anything you can expect from Chapter 24, the tracks are deep, melodic and emotive:

Cosmos – a tough future piano house tune, guaranteed to step things up and take control.

Crystals – driving, epic and melodic, a peak track to help transport the dancefloor.

Chronos – haunting and hypnotic, settled and expansive, take the journey inward and get lost in the depths: “we are in the universe…the universe is in us.”

Three parts of a single unified whole, each track showcases a complementary and interconnected dimension to QUARTZ’s unique sound.

Expect big things from this act in 2015!

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Twelve Minds – The Owl EP {CH001}


1. The Owl
2. Rhino
3. Where Did You {KatrinKa Edition}
4.Where Did You {Sam Pauli Edition}

Following the label’s completely sold out London launch party and increasing buzz on social media, exciting new imprint Chapter 24 continues to build momentum by announcing its first release: The Owl, a 4 track EP from London producer Twelve Minds, with remixes from KatrinKa and label boss Sam Pauli.

Twelve Minds is a fresh, energetic producer straight out of London with an innovative underground sound which has been described as deep, groovy and hypnotic, with a classic feel. When not crafting beats and melodies, he is cooking up a storm in the kitchen, running his own events catering company in London. A man of many talents!

The Owl EP showcases four big tracks from the deep, emotive and melodic house and techno spectrum:

Twelve Minds – The Owl: moody, dark and grooving, this track brings a killer hook and is huge in the club.

Twelve Minds – Rhino: dark and brooding, huge and rolling, this track is guaranteed to get the dancefloor moving to its melodic bassline.

Twelve Minds – Where Did You {KatrinKa Edition}: KatrinKa brings a fresh and forward-looking sound to this twisted, melodic banger. Expect plenty more of these on Chapter 24! As a classically-trained pianist, Russian-born but London-based KatrinKa brings her skill, unique style and ear for engaging music to bear on her original productions and remixes. In 2013 she won a producer contest organised by Berlin-based label Steyoyoke and also regularly releases original tracks and remixes on Spirit Soul Records.

Twelve Minds – Where Did You {Sam Pauli Edition}: an emotive and beguiling deep house track that tells the tale of internal worlds colliding, broken hearts and fresh starts. Sam Pauli is a co-founder of Chapter 24 Records. Inspired by a blend of influences on and off the dancefloor, his main passion is in pushing a new wave of deep, emotive and melodic house and techno sounds forward in the UK and beyond.

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