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Release ch39- 500x500

Brigado Crew & Crisstiano – Pangea EP {CH039}


1. Pangea
2. Pannotia
3. Rodinia
4. Pangea {Thodoris Triantafillou Edition}

Our 39th Chapter comes courtesy of the Argentinian alliance of Brigado Crew and Crisstiano. Reprising the formidable partnership which has seen them release on the likes of Diynamic, Suara and Jeudi Records, the trio deliver yet more heat with the ‘Pangea’ EP.  

Three big originals appear alongside a stellar Edition from Thodoris Triantifillou, who rejoins the label on remix duties for the first time.

Our latest stories in sound begin with title track ‘Pangea’, a hefty dose of mesmerising hypnotic synths and low end weight that culminate with a peak time break. ‘Pannotia’ subsequently offers a darker follow up that is no less powerful or widescreen. Placing the emphasis on a hooky vocodered stab and a heavy snare pattern, it really hits home.

Completing the trio, ‘Rodinia’ is a hands in the air affair: dreamy pads envelop soaring synths over a trademark chunky groove. It is followed by Thodoris Triantifillou’s glorious rework which picks out Pangea’s synth line and laces it with organic drums and an irresistible sub.

‘Brigado’ comes from the Word ‘obrigado’, meaning ‘thank you’ in Portuguese. To these artists, being grateful is the most important thing in their lives. We at Chapter 24 want to gratefully say: thank you for the music guys!

released June 14, 2019



Release ch37- 500x500

Andy Bros – Cuore EP {CH037}


1. Cuore
2. Rocky
3. Sunny Day

For our 37th Chapter, we warmly welcome Italian artist Andy Bros to the label with the ‘Cuore’ EP.  

The package sees the Diynamic regular present his fresh and innovative sound on an EP that bridges the tech and deep dance realms with the worlds of jazz, funk and soul.

Title track ‘Cuore’ is a showstopper. Full of drive, tenderness and ultimately optimism, the piece tells a very personal story for the artist and affirms the power of keeping an open heart.

Next, ‘Rocky’ offers something darker and deeper – an ode to a hero from the artist’s youth. Huge, dramatic synth riffs are the order of the day, full of panache and flair.

Meanwhile, closer ‘Sunny Day’ is another stellar number, richly laden with choppy piano riffs on a bouncy tech groove. Once more, there remains a sense of positivity that all will be well in the end.

With three powerful original cuts, Andy Bros proves again that he is an eclectic and rounded artist with a tale to tell. Not afraid of experimenting and pushing things forward, he is a perfect fit for Chapter 24.

released December 14, 2018



Release ch33- 500x500

Kieran Apter – The Mirror: Reflected EP {CH036}


1. The Mirror {The Drifter Edition}
2. Kieran Apter & Leon Power – Without {Doctor Dru Edition}
3. Kieran Apter & Leon Power – Without {Ian Blevins Edition}
4. Kieran Apter & Leon Power – Without {Domenic Cappello Edition}

A new Chapter is upon us. ‘The Mirror: Reflected’ dazzles with four brilliant representations of Kieran Apter’s original works released on Chapter 24 in early 2018.  

Apter, a label regular hotly tipped for success as the head honcho and resident DJ of Edinburgh house and techno party ‘Tweak_’, is joined this time by four heavyweights who make a big impression.

Co-owner of Maeve, The Drifter is a DJ and producer of the highest order. He opens the book with an Edition of the title track which pairs bombast and dancefloor drive with a heavy dose of cosmic disco goodness.

The first to rework ‘Without’, Apter’s collaboration with Leon Power, is Hamburg’s very own Doctor Dru. The track is a masterclass in deep, propulsive and forward-thinking house music that makes full use of the haunting and evocative vocal of the original.

Next, ESP Institute, Futureboogie and Culprit artist and hero of Ibiza’s We Love… at Space, Ian Blevins presents a deep, contemplative and emotional meditation for the afterhours as his reimagination of the track.

Domenic Cappello closes the EP out. The legendary DJ and mainstay of Glasgow’s Sub Club recasts ‘Without’ through layered and interweaving arpeggios that are reminiscent of Larry Heard. The effect is highly compelling and hypnotic and a fitting end to the package.

Both deep and emotional, functional and meaningful, ‘The Mirror: Reflected’ EP presents four stories in sound from key players in the game that each cast a light on the power of dance music to move us.

released November 9, 2018



Release ch33- 500x500

Aaaron & Deckert – Shadows EP {CH035}


1. Aaaron & Deckert feat. Meggy – Shadows
2. Aaaron & Deckert feat. Meggy – Shadows {JOBE Edition}
3. Aaaron & Deckert feat. Meggy – Shadows {Sobek Edition}
4. Aaaron & Deckert feat. Meggy – Shadows {KatrinKa Edition}
5. Hide

Berlin-based duo Aaaron & Deckert continue their path out of the darkness and into the light with the ‘Shadows’ EP on Chapter 24.  

They are joined by a third Berliner – the accomplished DJ, vocalist and songwriter Meggy – on the A-side. It’s a powerful, rolling cut, textured and full of swagger, set off by Meggy’s dusky signature vocal that combines equal parts darkness and soul.

Three Editions add to the mix and each offer a different flavour. Label regular JOBE throws in cosmic flair and tension, perfect for peak time. Meanwhile, rising star Sobek reimagines the harmony of the track to bring extra emotion and mystery to proceedings. KatrinKa’s rework is deep and hypnotic, punctuated with piano stabs and gently enveloping synth lines.

The package is completed by ‘Hide’ on the flip. Bumping tribal toms set the scene before a killer synth line takes hold. All in all it’s a feel good affair, though not completely black and white.

Out of the night and lit by moonlight, Aaaron & Deckert make their ascent on Chapter 24.

released August 31, 2018



Release ch33- 500x500

Thodoris Triantafillou – Species EP {CH033}


1. Hornbill
2. Elephants
3. Capybara

Where did it all begin? First came the ‘big bang’, followed by a wondrous process of evolution, the so-called ‘survival of the fittest’.  

Having emerged and now being well established in his country of origin Greece, Thodoris Triantafillou follows a string of stellar releases on Connaisseur, Objektivity, Upon You and his powerful first outing ‘Avrio’ on Chapter 24, with the beautifully crafted ‘Species’ EP.

Fusing inspiration from the animal and astral realms with a potent combination of styles and influences, Triantafillou’s technical excellence and natural flair for selection shine through here.

Lead track ‘Hornbill’ is a classic banger brimming with straight up, driving energy. Melding the sounds of afro, techno and cosmic electro, it’s a workout for body and mind.

Meanwhile ‘Elephants’ packs a hefty punch, offering plenty of tension and a full percussive workout. Close on its tail and rounding things off, ‘Capybara’ is an uplifting and synth-led affair with plenty of production prowess.

All power, confidence and swagger – the ‘Species’ EP is sure to take its place at the top of the pecking order.
released July 13, 2018



Release ch31- 500x500

Three Hands Collective – Lunare EP {CH032}


1. Lunare
2. Till The End Of Dawn
3. Till The End Of Dawn {Africa Dub}
4. Kalimba
5. Desert Rose

Our next tale on Chapter 24 is spun by Italian act Three Hands Collective (THC), with the powerful Lunare EP.The trio – composed of Riccardo ‘Cap’ Cappelli, Riccardo ‘Ohm Guru’ Rinaldi and Luca ‘Lu-Me’ Mercatali – combine their musical and technical experience to create an original and captivating sound, which has become a favourite with the likes of Tale of Us, Fur Coat and André Hommen.  

Here they serve up an impactful five-tracker. Title track ‘Lunare’ offers a peak-time euphoric flourish, marrying timeless, transcendent trance chords with an afro techno roll.

Meanwhile, ‘Till The End Of Dawn’ arrives in two flavours, with the Africa Dub replacing the eerie spoken vocal with clarinet and congas – both versions packing a punch for late night dance floors.

They are followed by ‘Kalimba’, which is similarly marked by a combination of techno and organic, percussive touches in a deep and exploratory piece.

‘Desert Rose’ is the deepest, most laidback and textured of the pack. Stunning, evocative sound design beckons the listener to lose themselves in a dream-like world. A fitting closer.

With the Lunare EP, THC continue their story on Chapter 24 and demonstrate the sharpness of their instincts about the beat and the soul of the electronic avant garde.
released April 20, 2018



Release ch31- 500x500

Kieran Apter – The Mirror EP {CH031}


1. The Mirror
2. Kieran Apter & Leon Power – Without
3. Babylon {Club Dub}
4. Remember
5. Babylon {Original Mix} *Bonus Track*

Kieran Apter returns to Chapter 24 after last year’s debut hit ‘All I Want’ and scoring releases on Anjunadeep and Hommage.This time, the head honcho and resident DJ of Edinburgh party ‘Tweak_’ delivers four standout original cuts, with an Editions EP slated for later in 2018.  

The EP rolls straight into title track ‘The Mirror’. Hooky percussion and warm cosmic reverb atmospheres give way to a relentless bass and synth stab pattern guaranteed to get dancefloors grooving.

‘Without’ sees Apter resume his successful collaboration with Leon Power. Power’s trademark haunting vocal and production marks a driving and emotional, forward-looking track.

‘Babylon {Club Dub}’ is next up, melding punchy drums and rolling bass arpeggios with wistful synth lines and chorus-drenched vintage pads.

Closing things out is ‘Remember’, the artist’s tribute to those who lost their lives or were otherwise affected by London’s Grenfell Tower disaster. This dark, dislocated piece of techno samples words spoken by British-Jamaican dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson in the aftermath of the 1981 New Cross Fire and channels Apter’s anger and sadness at last year’s horrific and avoidable human tragedy. All profits from sales of ‘Remember’ will be donated to the British Red Cross London Fire Relief Fund.

Both deep and emotional, functional and meaningful, ‘The Mirror’ EP presents four stories in sound that reflect the power of dance music to move us.

released February 9, 2018



Release ch29- 500x500

Jobe – Changes EP {CH029}


1. Rafari
2. Anomaly
3. Boma
4. Changes

Our 29th Chapter showcases the versatile talents of British artist JOBE with the heavy-hitting ‘Changes’ EP.JOBE – previously responsible for one of Chapter 24’s biggest-selling tracks ‘Aurora’ – has released as widely as Akbal Music, Connaisseur and Steyoyoke. On this occasion, he serves up a balanced four-tracker combining cosmic, afro and techno influences.  

‘Rafari’ is the opener. Marked by characterful sound design and swirling disembodied tribal voices creating a strong sense of disorientation, the track is held together by the hefty and assured drive of the main groove.

‘Anomaly’ showcases a more considered side to JOBE’s production and marks a shift of emphasis to harmony and composition, as layers of synths swell skywards before their satisfying return to earth.

Meanwhile, ‘Boma’ is a return to the tense, cosmic afro drive that is bound to set dancefloors aflame, before title track ‘Changes’ rounds things off with a powerful slab of progressive techno.

Four stories in sound that demonstrate JOBE as being totally unconcerned with the constraints of genre, and entirely fixated on creating music that is both timeless and forward-thinking.

released November 10, 2017



Release ch28- 500x500

Djuma Soundsystem & Westerby – Disambigua EP {CH028}


1. Disambigua
2. Disambigua {Jonathan Kaspar Edition}
3. Disambigua {KatrinKa Edition}
4. Disambigua {Aaaron Edition}

The 28th Chapter sees Djuma Soundsystem team up with Westerby for our latest story in sound: the cosmic afro tech of ‘Disambigua’.

Now based in Copenhagen, Norwegian artist Djuma Soundsystem was catapulted into the public’s consciousness over a decade ago with his club classic ‘Les Djinns’ on Get Physical Music.

His organic, sample-heavy signature sound is the perfect combination with fellow Copenhagen artist Westerby’s rougher, analogue synths and techy edges.

‘Disambigua’, their much-anticipated follow up to smash hit ‘Koma Kobache’ (Get Physical), is a standout cut which is already turning heads on dancefloors across Europe with its dark groove and killer vocal hook.

Rising star Jonathan Kaspar (Objektivity, Pets Recordings) is first up on the Editions, where he takes things deep. Built around the interplay of synth lines in call and response, his rework is a pure bass monster.

Meanwhile, label regular KatrinKa marks her latest release on Chapter 24 with an Edition that places the emphasis on a trademark infectious groove, paired with a spiritual melodic motif; a perfect balance of darkness and light.

The package is rounded out by Aaaron. The in-demand producer has worked with everyone from Defected and Get Physical to (more recently) Connected and Yoshitoshi. He focuses on deep, powerful drums in a version heavy on tension.

With this latest Chapter there can be no doubt: four different flavours of ‘Disambigua’ which together add up to a clear and coherent whole.
released October 6, 2017



Release ch27- 500x500

Kieran Apter – All I Want EP {CH027}


1. All I Want feat. Leon Power
2. All I Want feat. Leon Power {Aera Edition}
3. All I Want feat. Leon Power {Manuel Tur Edition 1}
4. All I Want feat. Leon Power {Manuel Tur Edition 2}
5. Elle

The opening of the 27th Chapter sees the revelation of Scottish artist Kieran Apter’s sophomore ‘All I Want’ EP, featuring Editions from Aera (Innervisions, Hivern Discs) and Manuel Tur (Innervisions, Freerange).

Newcomer Kieran is hotly tipped for success, having come to the attention of some of the best artists in the scene as head honcho and resident DJ for Edinburgh house and techno party ‘Tweak_’.

Opener ‘All I Want’ is a standout composition, featuring the vocals of singer/producer and Nicolas Jaar collaborator Leon Power. It is followed up by the instrumental ‘Elle’ which, more arpeggio-driven, shares the same spiritual feel and electronic soul as the title track.

The Editions on the EP are worthy of the original material. Between them, Aera and Manuel Tur have amassed classic releases on labels as seminal and worthy of reference as Innervisions, Hivern Discs, Freerange and Running Back.

Aera’s Edition blends afro techno, chopped vocals and a beguiling synth sequence to winning effect, in a version heavy on dark drama.

Meanwhile, Manuel Tur turns in two versions, both equally stunning. The first is driving and twisted; the most dancefloor-oriented track on the EP. Meanwhile the second makes the very most of the original’s vocals, placing the focus on live instrumentation and a disco groove.

A stunning and versatile package, we are proud to be a part of launching Kieran Apter’s artist career and are excited for what’s to come.

released September 1, 2017




Stevie R & DelFin – Jalemba EP {CH026}


1. Jalemba feat. Greg Rawson
2. Jalemba feat. Greg Rawson {Mathias Schober’s Rhythm Sequence}
3. Jalemba feat. Greg Rawson {Mathias Schober’s Rhythm Rework}
4. Jalemba feat. Greg Rawson {Rancido Edition}
5. Lepa Sela feat. Fiona McMartin
6. Lepa Sela feat. Fiona McMartin {Juan Edition}
7. Jalemba feat. Greg Rawson {Ambient Edition}
8. Lepa Sela feat. Fiona McMartin {Ambient Edition}

Our twenty sixth Chapter presents a powerful pair. Artists Stevie R (OFF, Babiczstyle, Parquet, Inside Out) and DelFin (Motek) conjure studio magic in their collaboration on the Jalemba EP.

The EP opens with the title track, a wonderfully atmospheric cut that allies heavy percussive rhythms with hypnotic tribal chanting and vintage synth harmonies. It is accompanied by another original, Lepa Sela, a deeper, mysterious and engaging affair with liquid, found sound grooves.

The remixes on the package befit this stunning pair of originals.

First up, the in-demand Mathias Schober, boss of Lossless and man of a thousand disguises, contributes a couple of bombs in the form of his Rhythm Sequence and Rhythm Rework. The former grabs the headlines as a peak-time affair, whereas the latter offers a pleasing, chunky heads down groove.

Next to provide Editions are Rancido (Innervisions, Connaisseur) and newcomer Juan (Kindisch).

Rancido adds power and punch to Jalemba in trademark style, ensuring the track cuts through on any dancefloor.

Meanwhile, Juan delivers a powerful Afro re-rub of Lepa Sela that brings the curtain down on an impressive EP.
released July 21, 2017


<iframe style=”margin-left: 15%; margin-right: 15%; border: 0; width: 70%;height: 406px;” src=”https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=2906766826/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=de270f/artwork=small/transparent=true/” seamless><a href=”http://chapter24records.bandcamp.com/album/jalemba-ep”>Jalemba EP by Stevie R &amp; DelFin</a></iframe>



Amentia – Prince Des Marais {CH025}


1. Prince Des Marais
2. Prince Des Marais {John Monkman Edition}
3. Luciole
4. Luciole {VVerses Fire Edit}
5. Epicéa

For Amentia, music is a surge of emotions. Building on their classical training and many years of jazz practice as percussionist and pianist respectively, Etienne and Raphaël join Chapter 24 with an EP that is a typically bold, heavily musical fusion of styles.

Expressive and improvised musicianship is a common thread through the originals on the EP. Title track Prince Des Marais is a delicate dancefloor-oriented cut, built around a killer hook and rolling techno hats. It is followed by Luciole, a deeper exploration which conjures images of hazy summers and distant shores. Finally Epicéa closes the package, striking a balance between more driving beats and a strong sense of melancholia.

A hefty dose of power is added to proceedings by John Monkman’s Edition of Prince Des Marais. Monkman – who graces some of the biggest labels in the game including Kompakt, Get Physical, Anjunadeep and Rebellion – is on a fine run of form and his remix marks out the start to a big 2017 for him.

Finally, Chapter 24 bosses Sam Pauli and Más Black step up with the first in a series of Edits as part of their new VVerses project. The Luciole Fire Edit is a groovier, darker and more stripped down rework that retains the musicality and edge of the original.

The first EP of the year for Chapter 24 lays out five new stories in sound of typically high quality as the stars realign and the signs of the future start to reveal themselves.

Released on 24th February 2017.